One web app to store, update, and share all legal documentation
Goal and tasks
Digitize the annotation process for practicing lawyers and students
Provide advanced annotation portability, so that the product could become a “Google Docs” for lawyers
A single place to organize, update, and share their relevant legal documentation
Design a web app with comprehensive interfaces to perform as a quick handy tool
the project
Everyday routine of a common lawyer includes a frustrative work with hand-written annotations, which cover fields of codebooks. Our client company finds this practice of annotating inconvenient and uneffective. It makes finding the right information challenging, especially with regular law updates, which happen several times a year. We have designed a web app that aims to provide law practitioners and students with a tool to keep up with current regulations, annotate with no efforts, and share their documentation.
Our Challenges
Laws updates regularly, thus it is critically important to maintain the actuality of those. Provide the system with a reliable tool which analyze texts in pdf files. Make it possible to attach annotations to the right place after the law updates and its content changes, assuring the clarity of the texts.
The UX Fundamental
Trusted resources for regular updates were implemented in the system. A new algorithm allows to transfer annotations across updated documents. A web app with comprehensive and user-friendly UX/UI design, which let users keep up with current regulations and apply annotations for future references
Susanne Wechsler
CTO of Origina
What Firstly is good at is challenging certain decisions or opinions throughout the lifecycle of the project. Rather than simply going down the route of agreement with customer to appease them, they like to challenge what customers want as it isn't necessarily always what they need.
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