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A few examples of how our scraping solutions work
Real Estate
We track data on all apartments for rent and sale of real estate in real time. We monitor new announcements every second.
We collect more than 20,000 new ads daily. We track prices and status of 400,000 previously published ads.
We collect contacts, check the status of apartments and track the history of price changes.
We collect all the parameters of the objects, as well as the history of price changes and the relevance of the ad - is it currently active or not.
Auto market
We collect and track ads for the sale of cars. Updating prices for old ads. We track the parameters of the car, the history of changes, the contacts of the seller.

We collect ads with new and used cars. We use a neural network to search for duplicate ads. We also track about 400 thousand
previously published ads.

Every day we collect all published ads and sort them by a number of parameters - price, mileage, year of issue.

We monitor the publication of new announcements every minute. Statuses and history of price changes are checked once a day.

E-commerce market
Scraping data about products of certain categories, their availability, prices. We collect data on ± 900,000 products daily.
In addition to the main parameters of goods, we provide analytics of the dynamics of changes in prices and balances of goods. Product data is updated every hour.
Along with the standard parameters of goods, information is provided on their price, stock availability, number of balances, prices, reviews, ratings.
We monitor and analyze prices on the site.
We provide data on
± 1,500,000 items daily.

Other services
We collect links for search queries, determine the position of the site by keywords and check the indexing of the necessary sites.
We collect quotes and trading volumes from 17 exchanges live. We track the rating of crypto-exchanges in terms of trading volume for the last 24 hours.

Social media
We collect data about users by several dozen signs. We analyze the content and draw up a portrait of the target audience.
Your data
We have a special service that distinguishes bots from real visitors.
We also know how to define bot types.
A simple scheme of how our scraping solutions works
A simple scheme of how our scraping solutions works
What our clients say about us
What our clients
say about us
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